It’s starting to feel as if it’s time to draw maps. I’ve been looking into different ways of doing this and decided that I’ll probably be getting some kind of map making software. I’m not really artistic/patient enough to draw maps from scratch in a daring program.

At the moment I’m inclined to go for Campaign Cartographer (link). Unfortunately, it costs a bit more than I can afford at the moment, so for the time being I’ve bought myself some pens and a sketchbook.


svrtnsse says:

2011/06/09 at 00:07 I also downloaded the demo for Fractal Terrains Pro, from the same site I linked in the post. It turns out to be great fun, but it’s preventing me from going to bed.

svrtnsse says:

2011/06/10 at 08:37

I made a prototype for a map of the Kingdom of Viller last night. It turned out pretty well, but there’s a couple of things that need ajusting. I don’t have a scanner and the phone in my camera isn’t good enough, but eventually I’ll make sure to put something up here.