How the years are countedEdit

Time flows at the same pace in this world as in the real world. The year has 365 days and a day has 24 hours. There are 12 months in a year and there are 7 days in a week - unless you're a fylkin.


The timeline is presented as the humans count time. Year 0 in this counting is marked by one of the worst disasters in recorde history, The Eradication of the Haman Empire, often just refered to as The Eradication. Years denotes as happening before year 0 have the abbreviation BE after the number.

This counting is the one most commonly used in the world today. It is used by all known races in political and scientific communication. The anylk and the elves use their counting systems mostly for cultural and religious purposes.


Elves count the year starting with when they arrived on the planet so according to their timeline it is currently year 12008 oE. In the elven counting oE is short for "of Exile" and denotes how many years have passed since they were thrown out of their original world and into this one.


The hobbits start their counting from the year they were created. According to their count it is currently year 2046 AH (Anno Hobi).

The anfylk week is 8 days long rather than the standard 7. Fylkin living in contact with the other races have adapted the 7 day week out of convenience. Anfylk still apply their traditional 8 day weeks for their religious holidays. In some countries certain anfylk celebrations have been adapted into the regular calendar.


It is currently not known how dwarves count time.