The Gotecan Hills is a region in the northern parts of the world. It’s bordered by the river Gote to the north and east sides and by the river Vil to the south. The border between the Kingdom of Viller and the United People’s Republic of Yggdras and Fuurland cuts the region in half, splitting it between the two nations. This article mostly concerns itself with the part of the region that belongs to the Kingdom of Viller.

The hills are mostly covered with grass and the occasional gnarled tree. The highest peaks reach nearly 1,000 meters (3,000 feet) above sea level. If not covered by clouds the view is spectacular, especially to the southeast overlooking the lake and the city of Kul Viller.

The region sees a lot of rain even during summer and there is plenty of snow in the winter. It is always windy.

The largest settlement in the region is the town of Grakkensjaur with nearly 2,000 inhabitants. Most of the people in the town are connected to the military base with the same name in one way or another.

The town is not serviced by railroad but the local zeppelin tower sees a lot of traffic. Most traffic is military in nature, but civilian traffic happens regularly.

A few small villages can be found in the region, only accessible by foot. No regular air traffic services them, but occasionally supplies are delivered from Kul Viller.

The main industry of the region is sheep’s wool. Something in the air and in the ground causes the sheep to grow some of the best wool in the known world.

Three large dwarven hives can be found in the region; Margosdig and Jenisdig in the north and Tovalisdig in the south east. All three hives are deserted since hundreds of years. Jenisdig and Tovalisdig have been declared safe by dwarven engineers and are used as winter shelter for the sheep.

Margosdig has been declared structurally unsound and unsuitable for habitation and all entrances have been sealed off. It is however not classified as Too Deep and it is likely not infested by anything hostile.

Along the border between the Kingdom of Viller and the United People’s Republic of Yggdras and Fuurland runs the Trail of Curses. It’s the path the border guard walks when patrolling the border and it’s named after the curses the patrols utter when ascending the many hills the path takes them up.