• Name: Mahradia, aka The Mahradian Empire, The Mahradian Church or The Cult of Mahradia

  • Capital: Kasuun

  • Political system: Theocracy
  • Climate/terrain: Warm temperate, desert, mountains, marshland.
  • Size: Enormous
  • Population (total): 1,000,000,000 (est.)

    • Humans: 90%

    • Anfylk: 0% - Being a fylkin is illegal.

    • Dwarves: 10% - Mahradia does not consider dwarves to be citizen or even individuals and as such they don't have same rights as humans.

    • Elves: 0% - Being an elf is illegal.

    • Other: 0%

  • Military: Conscription. - Mahradian men all do at least one year of military service. Women are not permitted in the army.
  • Education: The state provides 6 years of compulsory school for all children with the option of 3 years followed by another optional 3 years only available to men. Further studies are available and encouraged but not funded by the state.
  • Industry: Yes
  • Relations:

    • Friendly: Currently not at war with or occupying any other nation.

    • Non-friendly: Elves and anfylk. The Mahradian theocracy hold to the belief that elves are the godless spawn of demons. It also holds that the anfylk are a by-product of heretical elven rituals. In Mahradia being an elf or a fylkin is a crime punishable by death.

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