The anfylk week is 8 days long rather than the standard 7. It is considered that the first 5 days are the working days and the remaining three days are to be days not spent at work. The extra day in the anfylk week isn't added at the end. Rather it is the 6th day; Choresday, which doesn't correspond to one of the days in the 7-day week. Choresday is traditionally intended for the fylkin to tend to their homes and do things they haven't had time to do during the working week.

Anfylk living in contact with the other races have adapted the 7 day week out of convenience, but they still apply their traditional 8 day week for religious celebrations and holidays. In some countries the more important anfylk holidays have made it into the official (human) calendar, occasionally causing weekends of up to five days.

The days of the anfylk week are named as follows:

  • Truthsday (Monday)
  • Infday (Tuesday)
  • Annsday (Wednesday)
  • Pipesday (Thursday)
  • Ladysday (Friday)
  • Choresday
  • Feastday (Saturday)
  • Restday (Sunday)